to sell ?

If you have any objets d’art for sale, then get in touch.  We will arrange a meeting to value the items. Then, once we are agreed on the valuation, the date of sale and related costs – as set out in the signed sales order – we will take care of all the arrangements in your best interests. So feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to come and value either a single item or an entire collection

You can send us a good photograph of the item, together with dimensions, its signature or any other important information, such as origin or historical interest. Here is our email address:


The deposit slip:

–          Gives the description, valuation and any reserve price for the item deposited.

–          In duplicate: one for the depositor and one for Légia-Auction.

–          Seller’s costs: 15%, including VAT to be deducted from the price at which the sale is awarded, plus 5 euros per lot for the file management including insurance. Conditions are open to negotiation for professionals and large depositors as well as for antique cars.

–          The depositor guarantees before the Légia-Auction auction house or the purchaser that he is the owner of the item offered for sale and that this is free of all charges, claims or encumbrances.

The depositor is liable to the Légia-Auction auction house or the purchaser for all costs, claims or recourse engendered by the intervention of a third party regarding the lot ownership.


The depositor cannot retrieve the item offered for sale before the sale is awarded in the auction without the previous and express agreement of the auction house.


The depositor does not have the right to bid on an item offered for sale either in person or through any intermediary.


Lots that are not sold must be retrieved within 10 days or proposed in a later auction session, after having reduced the reserve price by 30%. The Légia-Auction auction house reserves the right to decide on what is to become of lots remaining that are not retrieved within 10 days or offered for sale in a subsequent auction session.


The Légia-Auction auction house is not in any way responsible for the default of a purchaser if within 15 working days following the sale the lot remains unpaid by the purchaser.


The Légia-Auction auction house will inform the depositor and decide on measures to be taken against the purchaser. Under no circumstances will the depositor be entitled to interest on overdue payment and the sale will simply be cancelled if we receive no payment.