& Conditions

COLLECTOR CARS/ OLD TIMERS (a supplement to our terms of sale)

  1. The sale will be awarded to the last highest bidder. He shall be obliged to pay the auction price plus 18% to cover costs and VAT.
  2. The vehicles are sold as seen. The information provided in the catalogue is for information purposes only. The condition of the vehicle can differ between the time of its description in the catalogue and the time it is presented for sale. As vehicles are presented for inspection for several days prior to the sale to permit an appraisal of their condition, once the sale is declared no further complaint will be accepted.
  3. The vehicle designations will, failing exception, adopt the indications stated in the vehicle documents.
  4. Taking into account possible changes in the condition of the vehicles, as stated under b), it is made clear that the price brackets are given for information purposes and provisionally only. On the other hand, estimations will be displayed at the beginning of the vehicle exhibition and, if applicable, corrected publicly at the time of the sale and recorded in the official record of sale.
  5. Purchasers are deemed to be familiar with the documents relating to each vehicle, in particular the technical control documents that can be consulted at the auction house. However, vehicles can be sold without having undergone a technical control (MOT) due to their age, their non-roadworthy condition or their competition status. The public must check on this at the time of the exhibition and the sale.
  6. Vehicle number plate changes are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the purchaser.
  7. Vehicles must be collected the day after the public auction. After this date they will remain at the cost and risk of their owners and they will only be released once all the storage costs have been paid. Prior agreements can be made with the auction house.
  8. Purchasers must be sure they have all the documents, as well as the keys relating to their vehicles at the time of collecting them.(As these terms of sale are variable, please consult the General Terms of Purchase that apply to the sale of interest to you. The General Terms of Purchase can be found on the catalogue paper or on the websites that circulate the catalogue. Any bidder may agree to invoke in advance the storage and/or delivery conditions of their purchases with LEGAL AUCTION sprl).The sales by auction held by the auction house Légia Auction & Properties are subject to the following conditions. Participation in the auction implies unconditional acceptance of these conditions. Everyone may consult these conditions in the catalogue or other documents belonging to the auction house Légia-Auction. They apply to all depositors of items and all visitors.
  9. Potential purchasers are invited to inspect items that may interest them at the exhibitions organised prior to the auctions.The dimensions, weights and estimates are for information purposes only. The colours of items presented in the catalogue may differ due to the printing processes. The absence of any mention of condition in the catalogue does not in any way imply that the lot is in perfect condition or free of restoration, wear and tear, hairline cracks, recanvassing or other imperfection. The goods are sold in the condition in which they are found at the time of sale. No complaint will be accepted once the sale is pronounced, the exhibiting period having permitted an inspection of the item. All details featured in the catalogues, advertising, or other publication produced by the auction house Légia-Auction are for information purposes only and do not in any way engage the responsibility of the auction house. They do not guarantee the author, source, date, origin, attribution, estimation, weight, dimensions or condition of the lot.It is the responsibility of the purchaser to personally ascertain whether or not the indications given in the various catalogues are correct or accurate.
  10. The sale will be awarded to the last highest bidder. He will be obliged to pay cash the auction price for the lot, plus 25% for costs and VAT, notwithstanding the resale right if this is applicable to the work.
  11. The auction house Légia-Auction reserves the option to refuse any auction, to proceed to any decision, meeting or withdrawal of lots without having to provide any grounds for this decision. The sale is effected in accordance with the order laid down in the catalogue and the conditions of sale laid down by the auction house Légia-Auction. The auctioneer and bailiff reserve the right to revoke a sale in the event of dispute or error in awarding the sale, to suspend a sale, to refuse an auction or to withdraw lots from sale if they consider that the bids are insufficient or are not being made freely. They also reserve the right to change the numerical order of the catalogue, to divide or to group lots. Any dispute concerning a bid will be decided sovereignly by the bailiff governing the sale. There can be no recourse against his decision.
  12. The purchaser is deemed to act in his own name and on his own behalf, even for lots acquired as a proxy. He is bound by the awarding of the sale. However, the auction house Légia Auction always remains free to refuse a sale, even after the close of the bidding, without having to provide grounds for its decision.
  13. Immediately the sale is awarded the risks pass to the purchaser. However, the latter will not become owner until payment in full of the price and related sums. Payment in cash is limited to 2,999 euros per deed of sale. The amount of a sale by a dealer of one or more items for an amount of 3,000 euros or more may only be paid in cash up to the amount of 10% of the sale price and provided that this amount is not more than 2,999 euros, whether the sale is effected in a single operation or in the form of fractioned operations that appear to be linked.
  14. In accordance with the Belgian legislation concerning copyright and similar, the purchaser is also, if applicable, liable for the resale right for the benefit of the artists and authors of the works sold, in addition to the total sale prices of the item. This obligation remains even in the case when the claim for these royalties is made after the sale or collection of the lot, without any time limit.For works on which the resale right applies, the purchaser will have to pay in addition to the sale price and legal costs:4% on the sale price bracket up to € 50,000
    3% on the sale price bracket between € 50,001 and € 200,000
    1% on the sale price bracket between € 200,001 and € 350,000
    0.5% on the sale price bracket between € 350,001 and € 500,000
    0.25% on the sale price in excess of € 500,001The total amount of the resale right is limited to € 12,500.
  15. The payment for and collection of the lots must be made after the sale or during the 5 days that follow the auction, from Monday to Friday and from 10 am to noon and 2 pm to 5 pm. After this period, the auction house Légia-Auction reserves the right to place remaining lots for auction with bidding starting at any price and with the costs for the purchaser and this without prior notification.
  16. Any person who purchases via the Internet without having seen the lot or lots may not contest the purchase in the event of the items not being in accordance with the description. Photographs and additional details may be requested prior to any purchase via the internet.
  17. The purchaser-bidder may participate in the auctions by telephone or electronically. In which case he must confirm his participation by letter, mail or fax, and provide all information that may be requested by the auction room, also for the future, the purchaser-bidder authoriezd LEGIA-AUCTION sprl to inform him (by email, …) about next sales. Purchase orders will only be taken into account f received at least 24 hours before the sale. Requests for telephones are accepted for lots from 50 euros and have the value of purchase order for 50 euros if there is no higher bidder. The auction house may not be held responsible for the errors of the buyer-bidder in indicating the batch number, or telephone number where he has to be called, his e-mail address or any problems of a technical nature in establishing the communication.LEGIA-AUCTION on live platform is a service provided free of charge; LEGIA-AUCTION accepts no responsibility for the non-execution of an order or for errors or omissions that may arise in connection with the use of this service by the bidder, including for a loss of Internet connection, a breakdown or problem with the on-line bidding software, a problem of hardware or system compatibility.In all circumstances, the auctioneer officiating for Légia-Auction is sovereign for accepting or refusing, without giving reason, a bid or sale by reserving the right to designate the successful bidder, to continue with or cancel the sale, or to again place the lot for sale or to withdraw it from sale.
  18. The purchaser-bidder is irrefutably presumed to have been able to appraise in person the item sold during the exhibition prior to the public auction, and this also when participating in the auction from a distance.
  19. Any damage caused to the lots featured in the catalogue, to other goods or to persons that arises during the exhibition, the storage or collection of goods must be compensated for by the individual responsible, the auction house Légia-Auction not substituting for the responsibilities of others.
  20. In case of dispute, the courts of Liège have sole jurisdiction.